Álvaro de Bem

Things are changin

Times are running fast

Seem just as a cloud

Hiding bad and goods in the past

You can try to scream loud

Very loud to reach

Age is a bitch

But you love changes at all

Leaving footprints

For the dogs snitch



Quarentena #3 by Álvaro de Bem

Let me keep you in the loop in 55min 29s

Espero que Curtam: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4uxZibiGXy07QssSkvYAc7

  1. Cumbia Negra para el Amor — Jaison Neutra

2. Viene de Mi — La Yegros

3. Woman (feat. Lianne La Havas) — Nao, Lianne La Havas

4. Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus — The Strokes

5. Sweet Lucy — Raul de Souza

6. Trouble — Keith Richards

7. Northern Girls — Belleruche

8. No te Meta — The Bas Lexter Ensample

9. Talismã — Ao Vivo — Paulinho da Viola

10. Toma Essa — Duda Brack e Os Capoeira

11. Malo — Bebe

12. Unicorn — Dizzy Gillespie

13. Domingo — Titãs

14. Get High — Chet Faker